EOTC Rules

1. It is the responsibility of every competitor, owner and coach, to be aware of the rules pertaining to the level of shows in which they, or their students, are participating. They should also read the rules of each individual show.

2. Horse show management reserves the right to cancel, postpone, combine or reschedule any classes it deems necessary. Divisions with less than 3 entries may be cancelled.  Entry fees will be refunded.

3. Entries must reach the show secretary by the closing date specified in each show’s prize list. Entries received after this date and time will be processed as post-entries with applicable fees.

4. Exhibitors making an entry are responsible for payment of all fees related to their entry.

5. Before a rider number is given out a signed open cheque  must be received to cover all charges and fees incurred by the competitor.

6. Entry fees will be refunded on presentation of a valid medical or veterinary certificate before the show for which entries were made. Administrative fees are non-refundable.

7. Entries cancelled after the closing date but more than 24 hours before the start of the horse show will be required to pay the administrative fee, applicable scratch fee, stabling fees plus HST. Competitors who don’t show up and don’t cancel their entry will be charged $50 plus admin and HST. Entries cancelled on show day will not be refunded.

8. Protests should be directed to the Show Steward.

9. Members of the EOTC and affiliates accept no liability for loss, accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, owners, spectators or employees, or any person or property whatsoever.

10. Horses or riders must compete in at least half the shows in their respective divisions, 7 shows for the 2014 season, and be in the top 7 placings at the end of the season, to qualify for the Trillium Provincial Championships and/or Year-End Awards. The Year End Awards are to 7th place for all divisions and equitation classes.

11. Anyone mounted on a horse on the competition grounds, including foreign competitors, must wear approved helmets, with safety harness correctly fastened, at all times.

12. Riders must wear their numbers at all times in the schooling or competition ring.

13. Abuse of the horse is strictly forbidden.  Excessive use of the whip – a horse should never be hit more than three times for any one incident.

14. Hors Concours:  Not permitted.

15. Rider Falls:  Remounting not allowed.

16. Dogs: Please refrain from bringing dogs.  If a must, please keep on leash. There will be a fine for loose dogs. Please clean up after them if they come with you.

New Equine Canada Rules For 2014

17. All trainers/coaches must carry the memberships and sports license equivalent to the level of competition where they are training/coaching.

18. A horse/pony is limited to one round per class including equitation and medal classes.

19. Short Stirrup – In the event that a Short Stirrup rider has two mounts, the second mount must be jogged and flatted by another rider who is eligible for the Short Stirrup Division.

20. To facilitate the judge’s view of the rider’s foot position, black or coloured stirrups (other than silver/grey) or stirrups with black or coloured branches are not permitted and, if used will incur elimination. The THJA website has a useful illustration of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Click here to view.