What is the difference between a Bronze (OVPSC) and Silver (Trillium) show?
The Bronze circuit is the first level of showing where riders and horses learn how to compete. Once they have consistent success in their division at the Bronze shows they are ready to progress to the Trillium circuit where the level of competition is higher and the competitors more experienced. Both show circuits are sanctioned by EC.

Why compete at an EC recognized show?
Both the Bronze (OVPSC) and Silver (Trillium) are EC-sanctioned horse show circuits so you get the benefit of a consistent set of standards and rules across shows on the circuits. All the officials ~ judges, course designers and stewards are licensed by EC. They have earned their credentials by studying under other experienced licensed officials, passed exams, and by doing clinics to stay up-to-date. Recognized shows also carry liability insurance and have medics on duty at all shows that exceed the EC standards.

How many shows do I have to attend to qualify for Trillium Championships?
You have to do at least half the shows offered in your division. If 14 shows are offered you must compete in at least 7 in your division and finish the season in the top 7 spots. You must also have all the correct memberships ~ OEF, Silver EC and THJA, and be a member in good standing. If not all of the top 7 competitors accept the invitation to compete at the championships, the committee will continue down the list until they have 7 competitors as long as they have fulfilled the qualification and membership requirements.

How do I qualify for EOTC year-end awards?
It is the same as for the championships. You must do the required 50% or 7 this year. Awards are given to 7th and even if you don’t go to the championships and someone further down the list goes, you still get your 7th place award. The other person further down, even though they went to the champs, would not get an award.

How do I qualify for OVPSC year-end awards?

What is this new rule concerning stirrups for equitation classes?
The new EC rule states that: To facilitate the judge’s view of the rider’s foot position, black or coloured stirrups (other than silver/grey) or stirrups with black or coloured branches are not permitted and, if used will incur elimination. The THJA website has some good pictures of what is and what isn’t acceptable.